Our perforated metal features

Our factory produce all kinds of types of perforated metal sheet or mesh. Each of the metal mesh has its own features.

Our Products features:

  • Ease of processing can be painted or polished Easy to install molding
  • Dramatic appearance
  • Wide selection of pore size and arrangement and the various thickness of sheet metal
  • Lighter weight and good sound-absorbing effect
  • Longer life and the exact dimensions

    Perforated metal with different hole shapes and materials

    Perforated metal is marked with the different shapes of the hole, to adapt to different needs in different materials.

    Materials of perforated plate are available with low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, hot rolled sheet, cold rolled coils, PVC board and aluminum sheet, copper plate and titanium plate.

    Perforated metal can be used across the city lots of highway, railway, subway and other transportation municipal facilities, the barriers of environmental noise control, architectural objects and walls, generator room, factory buildings and other noise sound source of acoustic noise absorbing panels.

    Perforated metal can be used for the absorption of the ceiling, wall of sound network, the speaker mesh sound material. It also can be used for building stairs, balconies, environmental tables and chairs beautifully decorated plate. Perforated metal mesh is also widely used in the electronics industry, such as the sound of the dust-proof enclosures.

    Classification by Usage

    Decorative perforated metal include: perforated metal for indoor decoration and perforated metal for outdoor decoration.Perforated metal can be used for decoration of exterior walls of the buildings; barriers in the transport and municipal facilities

    Classification by Shape

    Perforated Metal Tubes are popularly used in filter products as support tubing, and sometimes it is used directly as filter tubes and cylinders for certain industries.

    Classification by Material

    Mild steel perforated metal sheet with round hole, square hole, special hole is used to civil construction, mechanical device protection, handicraft manufacture, upscale sound heart cover, grain ventilates.